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Tourenführer:Claus Frommel
Assistenz:Stella Clarke
Anzahl der Teilnehmer:26
Bericht von:Stella
Tourenbericht:With every room and every bed of the Erich-Steinbockhütte booked out, plus a number of families on the waiting list, the post-Christmas "Familienfreiheit auf der Rudolfshütte" is quickly gathering speed as a popular DAV Garching yearly happening! Why might that be? My best guesses are: (1) beautiful location directly on the ski slopes, (2) relatively empty slopes for this time of the year, (3) indoor climbing wall, my personal favourite, (4) beautiful wellness area with sauna, (5) indoor pool with deep water soloing option, (6) yummy food in the form of breakfast and dinner buffets, but (7) you can still bring and eat your own food there, plus (8) all this at affordable prices despite being in the peak holiday season ... and last, not least, (9) great company!

Just as you thought things couldn't get any better: in contrast to the sub-zero temperatures and snow storms of 2017, this year we were greeted with fresh snow and sunny skies! So, unsurprisingly, most days were spent on the ski slopes! By the way, big thanks here to Evi for getting out youngest skiers motivated for deep snow!

Despite the awesome skiing weather, indoor climbing late afternoons was still in good demand! The Rudolfshütte climbing gym has two climbing areas: (1) The vertical wall, top-rope oriented beginner's area, with an integrated bouldering wall, and (2) a nice longer overhang area which stretches right above the hotel reception! While Nadine, Stefan, Jakob, Anna, Juliane and Luci tackled the vertical wall, Marci and Werner investigated the overhang challenges. The second day saw more overhang fans, with Paula and Jakob joining in. What was the best part of overhang climbing? Being let down onto the Christmas tree by the hotel reception, of course! All in all I would claim climbing in Rudolfshütte to be perfect for those searching to completely kill their "already tired from skiing" muscles. I look forward to more climbing in 2019 :)

Other than being completely exhausted from a full and sporty day, evenings were spent chatting, playing games in our hut, and even some dancing in the (ahem!) "kids" disco. At this point I would like to give a thanks to those willing to let themselves be pulled onto the dance floor by Evi and I. So, thanks to Anna, Juliane, Claus and Nadine! ... and a clear no thanks to Luci and Elli, who resisted most attempts!

Joking aside, thanks to all participants for making this event awesome. The biggest thanks goes to Claus - this event was his idea, his initiative and his implementation. Here's to you, and to another round in 2019!
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